Mini Militia Tips 2018 -Increase Mini Militia Game Skills

Today with the help of this article you will get to know the best methods which will help you increase mini militia game skills .The mini militia is a 2D free-to-play shooter game that has been quite popular with millions of people around the world. This particular shooting game is known for its multi-player option, where one can choose to play with their friends by connecting their device to available internet, or even with strangers from the internet. Also one can play both online and offline mode, where there is no need to connect to an internet to play the game. The mini militia game strategy is about killing down the opponent using any type of gun, being it a shotgun or sniper, which the game players use to kill them.

Increase Mini Militia Game Skills

The overall game play has a simple graphics that anyone can easily get used to. And, moreover who would not want to shoot their opponents dressed up like a commando. The game works great even for amateurs, but it definitely needs some skill to rank up within the game. If you are thinking about how to increase skill in mini militia, then you have landed yourself at the exact place where we are about to discuss lots of mini militia tips 2018 and about methods to increase mini militia game skills.

Methods to Increase Mini Militia Game Skills

In order to maintain a good skill level and rank up at the same time, one needs to follow the below methods that can help them from doing so:

For the offline mode mini militia players:

  • Always equip yourself with two different guns so that you can gain advantage when an opponent tries to shoot you down. Prefer to have a sniper, shotgun and a rocket launcher that can help you at the most crucial times.
mini militia double gun tips
double gun tips
  • One more good combination is about having pistol and shield together that can let you block the bombs and bullets, thrown towards you from multiple places. The shields can highly help you to maintain a good health level by blocking those bombs and bullets from hurting you at first place.
mini militia tips shield and pistol
shield and pistol
  • Make sure to reload your weapons before they blow out anytime. Keeping them loaded can let you engage more in the battle field and rank your way up.
  • Even upon using shields, if you have been hurt by bullets or bombs, you need to immediately find a place to hide out, other than fighting with the opponent. This type of escaping from the scene and hiding from the opponent’s eye sight helps you to regain your health as much as possible.
  • When there are more than two or three opponents trying to attack you at the same time, let them make their first move, so that you can act according to them.
  • Time bomb is one more gift that must be utilized in the best ways. Make sure to make a move, place a time bomb and let the opponent follow you to get killed by the bomb.
  • Every other weapon in mini militia has its own range, and one needs to explore a lot with them to find the best weapon suitable for their gameplay.
  • When your overall health is low, then you can commit suicide rather than standing there and giving away points to your opponent player. No kind of penalty shall be given when you make of this trick in offline gameplay mode.
mini militia tips commit suicide
Commit Suicide
  • If you are in a close range with the opponent, then make use of the melee attack, also known as the punch to get them down.

For the Online mode Mini Militia Players:

  • Completely avoid playing with hackers who tend to have great skill points. They can easily beat you down and grab away the weapons from your vault.
  • Make sure to choose the map that you are most familiar with. This kind of choosing can help you find places to hide, whenever you are having a bad health level.
  • Commit suicide only if you are not able to find a way to get out from enemies trap. If you are randomly committing suicide in the gameplay, then you are about to lose some precious points for no reasons.

By following the above mentioned tips, anyone can become a pro player and explore more within the game. This kind of exploration shall make you grow stronger and even unleash many new tricks in your own ways. If you want to get mini militia for pc then please read our previous post, you can use these mini militia game strategies in pc game also.

Mini Militia How to Rank Up Fast -Tips

The following are some of the working tips that you can follow up to rank high in the battle field.

  • You must never be facing pro players in the battle field and with opponents who have higher score than you at first place. Avoiding such gameplay can help in gaining a good score by playing with opponents who are way equal to your rank level.
  • Whenever you are low in terms of health level, never ever make use of any kind of weapons, which includes pistol too. Rest until the health level reaches to a noticeable level and then attack the enemy.
  • Before battling with a new opponent, make sure to reload your guns.
  • If a bomb has been thrown towards you,make sure to sit down so that your health level shall not be affected from them.
  • Always remember to make good use of two double guns during the gameplay. This type of using double guns can eventually rank you up.
  • When you have been completely surrounded by the opponent players, then make sure to finish off the first two players and then walk through to kill the remaining ones.


Mini Militia Game Tips 2018

mini militia tips 2018
mini militia tips 2018

Latest Update :- Do you know there are many android games like mini militia , which you can download from our web easily.

The above mentioned are the most possible and best mini militia game tips 2018 that can work great when a player tends to follow them up on a regular basis. If you are looking for mini militia tips and tricks in outpost map then you can follow the above mentioned methods too. Basically these methods help the players to unleash a great gameplay that results in ranking them up with a good health. Mini militia is all about a mind game rather than a shooting game. Understand the map, find places to hide, load your guns and you are good to have noticeable rank and health level.